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Product code: FSK4910
Supplier: Fiskars
Category: Shape Cutter and Templates
Product name: Shape Cutter Template - Circles
Shape Cutter Template - Circles.
Ideal for framing and create perfect mats for your photographs!
To be used freehand or with your Fiskars ShapeCutter
Use inside and outside edges of the 4 Super ShapeTemplates to create 8 super sizes!
11,4 cm - 4,5 inches / 17,1 cm - 6,75 inches
12,7 cm - 5 inches / 18,4 cm - 7,25 inches
14 cm - 5,5 inches / 19,7 cm - 7,75 inches
15,2 cm - 6 inches / 21 cm - 8,25 inches

How To Use
1. If using the ShapeCutter with template, remove orange freehand spacer.
2. Place the Shape Template on top of your paper with the Fiskars logo facing up (on a Fiskars ShapeCutter mat) with the template logo facing up.
Tips & Tricks
1. Start cutting in a straight spot on your shape.
2. Always apply pressure toward the outside edge of the template, not just down into the paper.
3. Do not reverse direction as paper may tear. If you do not think you cut all the way through, continue cutting in the same direction until the shape is cut out.