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Album binding chipboard

Autumn time

Blue note

Broccato estense

Ciao bella

Codex leonardo

Collateral rust


Frozen roses


Jazz club

La traviata

Loving in the rain


Modern times

Moon and me

My first year

Nanna boy

Nanna girl


Northern lights


Repubbliche marinare


Snow and the city

Sound of spring

Sound of winter


Start your engines


Summer tales


The greatest show

The muse

The seventies

The sound of autumn

The sound of spring

The sound of summer

Time for home

Under the ocean

Under the tuscan sun

Voyages extraordinaires


Zoe and ziggy

Product code: CBPS6012
Supplier: Ciao Bella Papers
Category: Stamps
Product name: 4"x6" Stamps - Second star to the right
Ciao Bella high quality clear photopolymer stamps are manufactured using a patented photopolymer and UV light exposure, this way we are able to achieve a higher level of detail. They are also designed to achieve optimum performance ensuring you get the highest quality possible.
Crystal clear and yellowing resistant, high clarity allow easy inking and positioning; Designed to work excellently with all water based inks; Optimised thickness gives the stamp deep plate relief whilst still holding all the fine detail required; Tear resistant, if stretched they relax back to their original shape; Designed in Italy