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Supplier: Tsukineko
Category: Versacolor Pigment Ink Pads
Product name: Black Versacolor Pad
Black Versacolor Pigment Ink Pad for Stamps. Versacolor combines the highest quality raw materials including a superior ink recipe a stackable container with a unique hinged lid and an ultra-dense foam pad for crisper stamped images.. VC1-82 To aid your keyword search this product has been categorised as Christmas and Wedding
  • Raised pad size 76mm x 46mm
  • Application - Uncoated paper
  • Drying time - 10 to 15 minutes on uncoated papers. Varies based on weight / type of paper, humidity, etc.
  • Embossing - Very suitable since it dries slowly. (recommended to use transparent embossing powder)
  • An exceptionally large colour line ensures you have the perfect colour every time.
  • Fade resistant, traditional pigment ink.

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