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Product code: VD120491436
Supplier: Viva Decor
Category: Inka Gold
Product name: Inka Gold - Steel blue 914
Inka Gold - Steel blue 914
Applying - polishing - finished
Inka-Gold is an easy-to-apply, waxy, pasty decor color with an elegant, metallic shine. It is particularly suitable for absorbent surfaces such as untreated wood, cardboard and terracotta.

already dries when polishing
smudge-proof and weather-resistant seal with Inka lacquer possible
Inca gold processing:

Inka gold is applied with a sponge thinly and in a circular motion and polished to shine - depending on the desired color intensity may be applied in several thin layers. Particularly beautiful patina effects can be achieved by slightly blurring Inca Gold.

For processing hard-to-reach areas, such as 3D objects, Inca Gold can be applied with a slightly damp brush. After drying, polish with a sponge.

Important : To avoid product contamination or to ensure durability, you should not process Inka-Gold directly from the can, but remove the required amount of paint in advance, eg with a clean spatula.
Contents: 62.5g