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Product code: TOTB11
Supplier: Totally Tiffany
Category: Base Units and Spinders
Product name: ScrapRack Basic
ScrapRack Basic.

The ScrapRack is a metal base which sits on your desk at a 45 degree angle. The tilted design allows you to view all your supplies quickly and easily.

You can literally flip from section to section to find the supplies you "KNOW" youve got.

The face of the base unit is covered with commercial strength velcro, each ScrapRack Basic comes with 7 Spinders (ring size 1.5"). Each Spinder will hold between 20 and 40 Storage Pages.

Collapse your whole ScrapRack System down and put in your rolling tote to take it to a Crop or Class, or just as a means of storing your supplies quickly and easily.

When fully open the rack is approximately 3 feet long and 13 inches deep.

Did you know you can expand your ScrapRack by adding an Expansion Base Unit?

Need a Base, more pages and more Spinders? The Expansion Rack Set might be perfect for you!